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Here are some shitty programs I've made, none of them look nice, and most aren't finished. I only put up the ones that I think are polished enough for the general public up here, so imagine how terrible the ones I don't put up are. They are in basic chronological order of when they were made, so the ones towards the bottom are going to be less terrible. Both of the BASICs were coded in all caps, and I've lost the source, consider yourself lucky.


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These programs are written in QBasic 4.5 they are all black background with white text, and crappy. They are also all zipped for some reason so if you don't have something to open zip files go to and download it. Do you want to make programs as great as these? Well now you can.

Archer - You're an archer with a bow and arrow, try to hit the target.

Bomber - You're a plane or ship or something, shoot the other thing.

Ozzy - This serves no purpose whatsoever but it filled with so many crazy secrets.

Pong - My shitastic version of Pong.

Reflexes - Test your reflexes.

Visual Basic

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These programs are written in Visual Basic 6.0 and are slightly less crappy then the previous ones. They need the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files so if you try to use them and they don't work you probably need to download them from here.

CPU Test v2.0!!! - Here it is, after years of fine tunning I've finally finished development on CPU Test v2.0. It has some new features, it's quickly becoming the industry wide standard benchmark.

Line - Get ready to be dazzled, this program utilizes the latest in line drawing technology to make a line, that moves.

Blank - This hides in the background and pops up a nice blank screen, annoying.

Calender - A calender.

Countdown - This is like a timer I use it to remind me to get my wash.

CPU test - This testes your CPU. (This typo is too good to correct)

Mediaplayer - The only real benefit is if you click the background it clears the movie out. I just like how simple and basic it is instead of starting Windows Media Player or something.

Pong - My Visual Basic version of Pong.

Reflexes - Test your reflexes.

Slide - Suppose to be a slide show but I don't think I ever finished it, I know it works a little.

Stopwatch - Pointless stopwatch.

Timer - Shows how much time is left until a certain time, I used it when I use to work to see how much time I had left until work.

Web - My very limited very basic very beta web browser.


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I learned C++ about a week before I had to leave, so I'm not really that good.

Pirate - My first real game in C++, pretty good, realest game I've ever made. Pretty sure it's the first program I've ever made that doesn't use all caps. About the game itself, you are a trader from the 1800's or so, buy stuff from one port sell it at another, pretty much a rip off of a game called taipan 3000, search Google, may be able to find it. Source

Mutations - This thing basically is supposed to kind of show evolution. You start with just one mutation, then that spawns new ones, sometimes the mutations are better sometime they are worst. The poor ones die out pretty much right away, but the good ones slowly take the food away from the earlier ones. Kind of neat to watch for 30 seconds I guess. Source

Combo - This program will tell you the 64 possible combinations for a Masterlock if you give it the last number. The last number can be found by pulling on the lock and finding the 12 spots it gets stuck. Source

Random - Part of my endless quest to find a perfect RNG, just generates random 1's and 0's and gives you the time it takes to get to certain streaks. Source

Binary - Another part of my endless quest to find a perfect RNG, just generates random 1's and 0's and outputs them to a binary file, so that you can then run something like the Diehard battery of tests on them. Source

Bets - The second program I've made to test progressive betting patterns. I've pretty much proved to myself that they don't work, but that won't stop me from wasting more of my life trying to come up with something that does. Source

Pirate2 - The sequel to the award winning pirate. Arguably the culmination of the human race's achievements. This is still a beta version, although it's hands down better than the original version. Source

Evolution - My terrible attempt at simulating evolution, sort of a follow up to mutations. Source

Monty Hall - This simulates the monty hall problem. In which you have 3 doors, 1 with a prize. You pick a door, and one of the other doors, without a prize, is opened. Then you can either switch your door or not. Which is better? Source

Reminder - A plugin for the IM client Pidgin that provides a repeating chime as a reminder of unviewed messages. Source

Genes - Part of my fascination with genetics. Simulates the effects of a gene that causes itself to be passed on with greater than 50% odds. Source


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I use batch from time to time to make nifty little tools, it's pretty powerful what you can do with batch (it's basically just automated DOS prompt), and I think people underestimate it.

Unhide - This will aid you in making Microsoft's Really Hidden Files unhidden.

Copy - Simple batch to copy newer files from one folder to another, useful for backups.

Backup - Modified version of above. Allows you to do multiple directories easier.

Delete - Will scan directories recursivly and delete any file containing a certain word. I use it to delete Demonoid text files.

Foobar - I use this as a gradual wake up alarm clock with Foobar2000. When it runs it'll stop, lower the volume to 0, play, then raise the volume 1% a second, taking a little over a minute to reach full volume. Tested with v0.9.6.5 Updated for v1.0. Use Task Scheduler to run it at the right time.


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Recently learned Perl, I'll probably be using it along side C++ depending if what I make is primarily number based or text. Some are zipped if they include other files.

Numbers - My first Perl program, pretty worthless, outputs any number you enter in text form, up to 333 or so digits. Source

Combo - Pretty much the same as the above C++ version. However, this one asks for a second number, and lists the combos starting there. A few other small things like the way it orders them, and using blanks instead of XX-XX-XX. Also better code, with comments. Source

Triangle - You enter the diagonal of a right triangle (or rectangle) and the ratio of the two other sides, and it will tell you the size of the sides. I made it so that I could enter screen sizes and the ratio and find out how wide and tall they will be, so I could compare screens of different ratios. Source

File List - Lists all the files of a certain type, I used it to make my site map. Source

ASCII Strip - Goes through all the files in a folder and searches them for non ASCII characters, then replaces them. Source

Oracal - Takes a question from a file and then makes an answer out of random sentences from Google. History and greater detail here. Requires Lynx. Source

Track Pad - Renames files to pad zeros in mp3s. As in "Metallica - 1 - Blackened.mp3" to "Metallica - 01 - Blackened.mp3". Source

Wake Up - An improved version of my Foobar wakeup batch script. This one askes for a number of hours to wait so you don't need to schedule it. Also has a slow (~50 minutes), and fast (~4 minutes) option. Source

Genres - I made this to pull genre data from the API and add it to my MP3s. It relies on a daisy chain of programs to work, so it's unlikely you'll be able to use it, unless your setup is very similar to mine. Source

Count Items - A quick script to go through a list of items in a file and count how many times each appears. Source

Wake Up 2 - An improved version of my improved version of my Foobar wakeup batch script. In this one the number of minutes you wish it to typically take to be woken up is set in the file, as well as the percent raise between steps, and the typical step you are woken up on (best found through trail and error). It then finds the geometric series needed to make that happen. Source

Wake Up 3 - Yet another revision of my world famous wake up script. This one is modified to work with mpd under Linux. Works similar to Wake Up 2. Source

IMDB Parser - A script I wrote to grab user ratings from IMDB and then present some graphs of best/worst seasons. Source